De”myth”tifying Mental Illness

Myths about Mental Illness

  • People who have a mental illness are just “crazy. – FALSE
  • Depression and other illnesses, such as anxiety disorders, do not affect children or adolescents. – FALSE
  • People with a severe mental illness, such as schizophrenia, are usually dangerous and violent. – FALSE
  • Addiction is a lifestyle choice and shows a lack of willpower. People with a substance abuse problem are morally weak or “bad”. – FALSE
  • Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), formerly known as “shock treatment,” is painful and barbaric. – FALSE
  • People with mental illness are poor and/or less intelligent. – FALSE
  • Mental illness is caused by a personal weakness. – FALSE
  • Mental illness is a single, rare disorder. – FALSE
  • Mental illness only happens to people with a family history. – FALSE
  • Mental illness is the same as mental retardation. – FALSE
  • People with a mental illness are unable to function well. – FALSE
  • Depression and anxiety disorders are part of growing up. – FALSE
  • Mentally ill employees tend to be second-rate workers. – FALSE
  • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) happens only after you fight in a war. That’s why it’s called shell shock. – FALSE
  • Depression is all in your head. – FALSE
  • Mental illness is the result of bad parenting. – FALSE
  • Schizophrenia means “split personality,” and there is no way to control it. – FALSE
  • Mental illness does not strike the “average person. – FALSE
  • Mental illness is not a serious health problem today. – FALSE
  • Most people with a mental illness are receiving treatment. – FALSE
  • Mental illness is not like other “Physical” diseases. – FALSE
  • Most people who are mentally ill live in mental hospitals or on the streets. – FALSE

Fact: Don’t be too quick to judge. Someone you know suffers from a mental illness. -TRUE!


One thought on “De”myth”tifying Mental Illness

  1. Thank you for striving to help people understand mental illness. i have allso posted about this topic in my personal blog. Would enjoy your thoughts. Hugs, Guy

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