Love Yourself

The Two-Word Manifesto of Self-Care : Love Yourself

Love yourself.

When you need tender care. When you are tired & upset. When you feel uncomfortable in your skin. When you feel unlovable. When you feel alone. When you’ve had a rough day. When everything feels wrong. When the love you need can only be described as “tough love.” When you watch the sun lighten the sky. When a kitten snuggles up beside you. When you take that first sip of coffee. When you step into that wonderful hot shower. When you’re sitting on the bus, on the metro, walking to the office. When you are answering phone call after phone call, replying to e-mails without end. When your co-workers make you crazy. When you come out of a meeting that can only be labeled Victory. When you make plans with a dear friend. When you walk under the sunlight. When you stretch your arms up to reach the sky. When you wrap yourself up in blankets. When you close your eyes for the night. When you realize you’ve been blessed with 24 amazing hours. When you realize that tomorrow’s promise is limitless.

Love yourself.

Give yourself permission: to take a mental health day, not do the laundry, wash the dishes tomorrow, walk slowly & not rush from place to place or thought to thought. To breathe deeply, to watch an episode of your favorite TV show, to close the door, to take time to yourself so that you will be refreshed. To say no, to honor your boundaries, to be honest with the people around you, to say I love you, to hold the ones you love close & to say goodbye to the ones that need to leave. To begin a new chapter, or just turn the page of the chapter you’re in.

Love yourself.


One thought on “Love Yourself

  1. This is lovely – who posted it?

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