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Sidetracked by Schizophrenia
A Mother and Son’s Struggles and Victories

In Sidetracked by Schizophrenia, Charlotte documents her son’s encounters with the many medications and difficult life situations that come as part of living with this disease. It covers the trials and errors, the failures, the partial successes, the side effects, the exciting movement toward more and more effective treatments, and the hope for living a normal life medication free. The book speaks to family members who are, or have been there and to professionals who are called on to make judgments about what regimen may be most effective for their patients. It encourages the reader to keep an open mind about the body’s capacity to heal itself when given the right balance.


2 thoughts on “Book Recommendation

  1. Greetings! This book truly sounds worth a look. Our son is 10 years or so into the dilemmas of schizophrenia, and we are feeling “boxed in” by the ACT Team at CMHA and their non-creative approach…..

    How is best way to get a copy of this book? Chapters? on-line?
    Details appreciated,


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