40 is Too Young to Die

Here is an electronic version of a new report that was officially launched yesterday. The report was developed by the Early Onset Illness and Mortality Working Group, partly in response to the alarming number of  premature deaths we have experienced here at Houselink.

Please share this document far and wide with your networks.

The good news is that the Toronto Central LHIN has recognized this issue as a funding priority  a year from now, and  the working  group work will continue to organize a think tank in the New Year. The report can also be found on Houselink’s website under Programs and Services, at www.houselink.on.ca

To download this article, please click here.

Table of Contents:

1. The Perfect Storm
2. The Hurdles to a Long and Healthy Life
Hurdle 1: No Money, Bad Food, No Exercise, No Information
Hurdle 2: “Our Meds Make Us Sick”
Hurdle 3: Seeking Help
Hurdle 4: The Doctor’s Visit
Hurdle 5: The Emergeny Room Experience
Hurdle 6: The Hospital and Discharge Experience
3. The Way Forward
4 Being Part of the Solution


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