Spark of Brilliance is Looking for Creative Volunteers!


Spark of Brilliance is a non-profit organization that promotes healing and recovery through the expressive arts for people living with mental health issues and their support allies.

We provide arts-based workshops at no charge for our participants.

We are looking for individuals who would like to share their artistic and creative talents with others!

  • painting
  • theatre
  • knitting
  • crocheting
  • embroidery
  • mixed media
  • drawing
  • doll-making
  • ceramics and pottery
  • papier-mache
  • creative writing
  • woodworking and woodcarving
  • bead work and jewelry making
  • dance and movement
  • sewing
  • lettering
  • paper crafts
  • …and more…

There are a variety of volunteer activities just waiting for you to explore! We hope you find one of these volunteer opportunities to be matched with your personal goals.

If you are interested in sharing your talents and knowledge with Spark of Brilliance, please contact Marcey at or call 519-763-4014 ext. 207. We look forward to meeting with you!

Please feel free to print this flyer and share it with others who may be interested!


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