If you have any questions about Spark of Brilliance, our workshops etc., please feel free to send an email to info@sparkofbrilliance.org!


  1. “Are there any fees for membership or participation in Spark of Brilliance workshops?”
    • We do not charge a membership fee and all of our workshops are free and include all supplies. On rare occasions when we have the opportunity to facilitate a workshop in a special location in the community, there may be a nominal fee, which is always clearly stated on the flyer/calendar.


  1. “Why do some workshops require registration, and others don’t?”
    • There are several factors that determine whether or not registration is required for a workshop, but the most common factor is space. Unless otherwise stated on our flyer/calendar, registration is only required for Guelph workshops as our meeting room can only accommodate 12-14 seats, whereas Fergus and Kitchener meeting rooms can accommodate 25-30 seats.
  2. “How do I register for a workshop?”
    • To register for a workshop, simply send an email to info@sparkofbrilliance.org or leave a message at 519-763-4014 x2355. That’s all! It really is that simple!


  1. “Why are there sometimes more workshops at one site compared to another?”
    “Your website states that you have had creative writing and theatre workshops in the past. Why don’t you have any happening now?”

    • Spark of Brilliance workshops are facilitated by volunteers. The number of workshops, as well as the type of workshops we offer, are based on the availability of, and the interest from volunteer facilitators.



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